Chapters Geek-X

We are proud to announce our city wise chapters under GEEKONIX Alumni Association. Our group has been expanding like anything and it was high time that we make clusters so that we can reach out to every nook and cranny. Here are some of Alumni who will help you to organize local meetups/Geek-X-Talks and other fun events at your city/zone.

Geek-X-Kolkata Chapter

 Ronak Kagrana   +91 9007378218

 Ankesh Mishra   +91 9748249063

 Bipin Kumar   +91 8017770908

 Debbendu Biswas   +91 9031008191

Geek-X-Bangalore Chapter

 Arijit Ghosh   +91 9674446260

 Arnab Chowdhury   +91 9902271556

Geek-X-Hyderabad Chapter

 PV Manohar Kiran   +91 9542977755

Geek-X-North America Chapter

 Vivek Anand   +1 3523280261

 Anirvan Mitra   +1 9737275090

 Rabimba Karanjai   +1 4694382410

 Ankan Roybardhan   +1 3528707208

 Aritra Dasgupta   +1  3129274569